Falcon 4.0 Allied Force

Pit Trainer


Provides a cockpit training environment for the Falcon 4 Allied Force simulation.


In order to run Pit Trainer, you will need to have the Java v1.4.2 (or later) runtime installed. You can download this here. Look for the J2SE Java Runtime Environment (JRE) download on that page.


Download Pit Trainer


Visit the SourceForge Project Page (provides bug reporting/tracking, support, forums, etc.)


fyi, there is a known issue with the Pit Trainer app and the antialiasing feature provided by some video cards. Apparently, on some systems, if antialiasing is turned on in the video card settings, Pit Trainer just displays a gray window or doesn't appear to let you interact with it. To resolve this, try disabling antialiasing in your video card settings. Hopefully this can be resolved in a future version of the Pit Trainer.


The below screenshot provides an illustration of what Pit Trainer does. You can move around the cockpit just as in the simulation and as you mouse over the various controls, additional information is provided which, in some cases, includes graphical images to better explain the control or group of controls.



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